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Locking Wire Saddle, PA66

China Locking Wire Saddle Manufacturer
Locking Wire Saddle, PA66
2000 packs
1000,000packs / Day
10 daysDay
Material: Nylon66, UL 94V-2
Operating Temperature: - 40°C to 85°C
Color: Black, White
Usage: Locking into the hole and fix the wire, also have detachable type; Easy to install.
ITEM: HS-71014002,HS-71000151,HS-93006833
Material: Nylon66, UL 94V-2 
Operating Temperature: -40℃-85℃
Color: Black,White
Package:100pcs or Special request Packing available
Type: Wire Saddle, Locking - Snap in, Locking Wire Saddle, Harness Clip Satndoff, Wire Mount, Wire Push In Clips,Harness Clips, Wire Holders, Locking Wire Saddle,Snap in Wire Saddle,Locking - Snap in,Wire Push In Clips,Wire Mount,Snap in Wire Saddle

*The shape of the wire saddle ensures that they can accept either single or multiple cables, whilst the design of the cable entry allows cables to be simply pushed into place.
*The self-locking feature ensures that once inside the saddle the wires cannot be removed accidentally. The arrowhead design of fixing ensures simple and secure insatllation and only needs acces to the panel from one side.
*With the increased complexity of electronic and electrical installations, the use of the wire saddle enables cables to be installed using the minimum amount of space, a typical application would be in the frames/ rail of control cabinets.

ITEM NO. : HS-93006833

Locking Wire Saddle
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